The Sultan Mosque of Singapore

I have taken a few photos of the Sultan Mosque in Singapore. If you are wondering where the Sultan Mosque is located, it is situated along North Bridge Road and Muscat Road. The Sultan Mosque is a beautiful and historical mosque in Singapore. It has a history dating back to 1826. The old mosque later gave way to the construction of a new mosque which was completed in 1928. It remains relatively unchanged in its structure; and the Sultan Mosque is now regarded as a national monument in Singapore.

Sultan Mosque -

If you are planning to visit the Sultan Mosque, my suggestion is to take the train ( MRT) and alight at Bugis MRT Station. Thereafter, walk in the direction of North Bridge Road. Along the way, you will pass by Golden Landmark Hotel. By the way, there is a shopping mall next to the hotel. In the mall itself, there are many stores selling traditional malay merchandise such as clothes, food, jewellery and many other products.

Sultan Mosque in Singapore

After visting the Sultan Mosque, there are many Muslim and Indian Muslim restaurants and stores that are nearby. Just walk in the direction of the 2 storey shophouses that stretch along North Bridge Road.

Sultan Mosque

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Tea Drinking and Benefits

I have been drinking tea since I was a young kid. At that time, my parents drink chinese tea daily and I picked up this habit by following their leads. There was a large Chinese teapot filled with hot chinese tea on the table which I regularly drank it whenever I am thirsty. At that time, I had also tried drinking coffee with sugar, coffee with sugar and milk and just plain black coffee; but somehow I do not find drinking coffee enjoyable. Up to now, I hardly drink coffee – at most one cup per month, just to taste it.


There are 3 main types of tea that I drink daily. In the morning it would be English tea, followed by Jasmine, Iron Buddha or Oolong and Korean Red Ginseng tea. On a single day, I would have consumed spprox 7 teabags of tea and one sachet of Korean Red Ginseng tea. Is it too excessive? Some of my friends think so. Some people tells me that drinking too much tea will make your legs become soft ( weak ) as tea is supposed to be cooling in nature. So far my legs are as strong as ever. At my age, I can still jog 2.4km in approx 14 minutes. There are others who claimed that drinking tea can caused insomnia because of caffeine contents found in tea. But caffeine in tea is much less that than of coffee. I have no problem sleeping in the day or night. Perhaps those who are suffering from insomnia should take up an activity such as walking, jogging or cycling, etc. The tea that I would recommend to those who can’t sleep is Korean Red Ginseng tea. I find this tea has the effect of calming the body.

There are many benefits to drinking tea daily. If you do a search on google, there are many sites which will explain these benefits. Examples are – it reduces the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, reduce weight, it contains plently of antioxidants which helps to fight cancer and so on. I do not know whether these claims are true; but I know that drinking tea has kept me healthy and strong for years.  I do not have overweight problems like some of my friends. Obesity, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and heart disease are common health problems that affect many people. So far I am free from all health problems and my weight maintains at 65 kg for so many years now. Oh yes, if you are eating a lot of fried food, drinking chinese tea helps in reducing the oily effect that you may feel around your throat and stomach.

I like to add 2 more tips on tea. First, are you suffering from smelly feet when you take off your shoes? Washing it with normal soap or lotion may not eradicate the smell. Try soaking your feet with chinese tea such as Jasmine or Oolong tea. You may need to use about 4 teabags for this therapy. Brew the tea as per normal and pour it into the basin and when tea is warm, just soak your feet in it. Another tip – if your drawers or wardrobes have the smell of mildew or unpleasant odour, use a few of new chinese teabags and just placed it in the drawer or wardrobe. That will reduce the unpleasant odour. Change the teabags every month for best effect.  Drinking tea has become a daily routine for me and it has help me to sustain good health. I hope that many more people will become more aware of the benefits of tea drinking and start drinking it as well, cheers!

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