The Sultan Mosque of Singapore

I have taken a few photos of the Sultan Mosque in Singapore. If you are wondering where the Sultan Mosque is located, it is situated along North Bridge Road and Muscat Road. The Sultan Mosque is a beautiful and historical mosque in Singapore. It has a history dating back to 1826. The old mosque later gave way to the construction of a new mosque which was completed in 1928. It remains relatively unchanged in its structure; and the Sultan Mosque is now regarded as a national monument in Singapore.

Sultan Mosque -

If you are planning to visit the Sultan Mosque, my suggestion is to take the train ( MRT) and alight at Bugis MRT Station. Thereafter, walk in the direction of North Bridge Road. Along the way, you will pass by Golden Landmark Hotel. By the way, there is a shopping mall next to the hotel. In the mall itself, there are many stores selling traditional malay merchandise such as clothes, food, jewellery and many other products.

Sultan Mosque in Singapore

After visting the Sultan Mosque, there are many Muslim and Indian Muslim restaurants and stores that are nearby. Just walk in the direction of the 2 storey shophouses that stretch along North Bridge Road.

Sultan Mosque

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