Kirin Beer

I wanted to buy a can of beer to go with my hot and spicy meal that I was going to have in my home  As I was looking at the range of beers on the shelf, I saw Kirin beer right at the top of the shelf. I wanted to dismiss it and get a regular beer like Tiger or Carlsberg which I am very familiar with. Somehow I felt the urge to try this beer from Japan. So I took a can of Kirin beer from the shelf and one Tiger beer and proceed to the checkout counter.


Kirin beer has a long history in Japan as a Brewery company, making beer since 1888. according to its website. If you look at the can of Kirin beer, you can distinctively see a creature which is its trademark for Kirin beer. This mystical animal derived its origin from China, which is known as Qi Lin. This mystical Qi Lin is a good omen animal, bringing in prosperity and good luck for its owner.


I find Kirin beer very smooth in taste and not so strong and bitter like some of its competitors in the business.One of the characteristic of this beer is that rice is used as part of the ingredient. It is a very likable beer, light and gentle on the stomach. I can easily drink a few cans without strong side effects. It does compliment the hot and spicy food that I had. For that matter, it should also goes with any food that I can think of.


The only negative thing about this Kirin beer is the price. Compared to other beer like Tiger, it cost a dollar more for this can of beer. During this period of recession, the distributor should look at ways to lower the price of Kirin beer to match its competitors. Another point to make is that Kirin beer is not commonly found in all supermarkets. Beers like Tiger, Carlsberg and Guiness are easily available everywhere. Therefore Kirin beer distributor should expand its distribution, making it available at all major supermarkets or convenience stores.

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