The Glutinous Rice Food Stall that opens only for 2 hours

I could not believe it when one of my friend told me that there is a food stall at Bugis that operates from 5pm and closes before 7pm. This means that this food outlet only operates for less than 2 hours. How can a food stall make a profit from such short operating hours,  I am puzzled.  And what kind of food is this food stall operator selling? So I decided that I should find out by going there on a Saturday afternoon.


I reached there about 5 pm and saw a long queue forming in front of the food stall. So I have to join the queue in order to buy the food. I saw that there are many people buying for eating in as well as take away.  The stall operator is selling glutinous rice, yam cake, and peanut porridge. I think there may be other items as well, but I couldn’t see them.  Despite the long queue, the service was fast as I saw 3 persons at the stall attending to customers. At last, it was my turn to order, I ordered one plate of glutinous rice and also a plate of yam cake. The lady stall holder told me that the glutinous rice is now insufficient to fill up a plate. So she suggested a combination of both – glutinous rice and yam cake. I agree as there is no better alternative.  I wonder how can glutinous rice be sold out in less than an hour?


After getting the food and placed it in a small tray, I walked to find a empty table and chair to try out this meal. The glutinous rice was really nice. I like the firm texture of the rice and the peanut topping was crispy. For the yam cake, it was delicious as well. Chilli and sweet sauce is optional, but I opted in for both – just to try them all. Personally if I have to make one choice – then it will be the glutinous rice.  Many stall holders who are selling glutinous rice are selling it at average or below par quality. This glutinous rice is really good traditional style quality.


After finishing my food and fruit drink, it was about 6.20pm in the evening. I walked to the stall again and there was not even a single customer in front of the stall. As I reached the stall, I saw the stall operators cleaning up the stall, all the food have been sold out. My goodness, all these food are gone in less than 2 hours. I am determined to be back soon to try the peanut porridge and to see if there are other food items on the menu. Also I think I haven’t eaten enough of the glutinous rice – as  I was given only 1/2 portion as it was sold out.


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