Meldrum Hotel – Budget Hotel in Johor Bahru

I was strolling along Meldrum Road in Johor Bahru, which is by the way in close proximity to City Square mall. From Meldrum road, you can make a turn and walk to Jalan Siu Nam which leads to Jalan Ah Fook. It is a small area which is interconnected so you will not be lost. I saw Meldrum Hotel which is situated along Jalan Siu Nam. This hotel is just 4 storey in height and located along the rows of shops along the street.

So I have decided to check out this budget hotel. Walking into the lobby, the reception area was small. There were 3 staff at that time manning the reception counter. But the place looks clean and tidy. I asked the staff for the room rates and was informed that there are different categories of rooms available. Anyway, you can get a room for an average of RM120/= per night which is reasonable. As I did not want to stay overnight, I ask whether there is a transit room available. Yes, it was given to me at RM50/- for 4 hours, there is a need to pay a refundable deposit of RM20/-.  So I got my keys and proceed to my room.

Surprisingly, there are 2 lifts in the lobby of this hotel. The corridor that leads to my room looks dull but bright. But hey, this is a budget hotel, so I don’t expect carpeted floor along the corridor. As I entered my room, I was indeed surprised to see a clean and comfortable room. There was a queen size bed and a small table and chairs, the TV is still a CRT model type but I could still view TV channels from Singapore. The attached bathroom looks worn out but there is a 2 soap bars and 2 towels. Yes, there is hot shower available. The only complain was that I could hear voices from people chatting outside my room. It means that the wall is thin and the main door isn’t those heavy duty fire proof door.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a budget hotel to stay in Johor Bahru, the Meldrum hotel is a good choice. Don’t worry about food, there are plenty of food outlets nearby. Going to City Square mall is also just a stroll away. But do be careful when walking the streets during the night, as there are still instances of robberies and thefts in Johor. I do see more policemen patrolling the streets which is a reassuring.

Meldrum Hotel

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