Roasted Duck Noodles in Johor Bahru

There is a shop that sells roasted duck at Jalan Siu Nam ( Meldrum) which is near to Jalan Meldrum in Johor Bahru. Besides selling duck rice and noodles, the shop also offers char siew ( roasted pork ) and suckling pigs. The shop looks rather dull and worn out; which is a typical look of most of the food shops / stalls in Johor Bahru. I just wondered why these food outlets do not bother to upgrade the image of the shop to make it look more clean, bright and attractive. Perhaps they have the impression that as long as the food that they served are good, customers will continue to flock to buy their food.

Anyway, I ordered a drumstick duck noodle with added char siew and a cup of lime juice. I was there about 11 a.m. in the morning, there wasn’t many customers at that time. I do see people ordering the food and it mostly for takeaways. The roasted duck was rather oily and I could taste some fats in the duck meat. The char siew ( roasted pork) was thick and chunky and surprisingly lean. I like the noodles, as it tasted firm and crisp. The lime juice was rather too sweet for me, though you could request for less sugar. The shop also served their traditional herbal drink, perhaps I will try in next time. On the whole, it was a good meal and I paid slightly less than US$4/= for it, which is cheap.

There are quite a lot of food shops and stalls along Jalan Siu Nam/Jalan Meldrum. During the evening, you can see many stalls offering different variety of food on the back alley. I think this place is more crowded during the evening compared to the day. I will follow up to try the food with other food stalls when I am there again.


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