Sultan Ibrahim Building in Johor Bahru

There is a famous landmark that is near the Puteri Pacific Hotel in Johor Bahru; and it is called the Sultan Ibrahim Building ( Bukit Timbalan) . If you are in Puteri Pacific Hotel, this landmark is situated just across the road. However if you still need direction, just asked the staff at the hotel. The Sultan Ibrahim Building is a old colonial building which was once used as a fortress and command center during the second world war.

Today, the Sultan Ibrahim Building is used as a administration offices for the Johor government. The huge gate leading to this landmark is always closed. There is a guard house outside the gate. You have to ask permission if you want to visit this place. When I was there, I could not see any guard or staff at the guard house, as I wanted to go in and visit this place. Perhaps it was closed during the public holiday. I will try to visit this place again on a weekday. I do not know whether there is an entrance fee or not, but if it is reasonable amount – I dont mind paying the entrance fee.

There is a huge green spacious garden right in front of the building. I think if the Government of Johor can open up the Sultan Ibrahim Building during the weekend, I am sure many people will love to visit this place. The garden can be upgraded and beautify so that it can be a good place to relax or have a picnic. After all, there is no beautiful park or garden in the Johor Bahru city that the city dwellers and tourists can go to without having the need to drive or take a cab.

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