City Square Mall at Farrer Park MRT

I wanted to visit the new mall that is beside the Farrer  Park MRT called the City Square Mall.  Farrer Park MRT is along the North East line and it is located at the end of the Serangoon Road or Little India. Once I arrived at the Farrer Park MRT, I managed to locate the City Square Mall quite easily, guided by the signage at the MRT station.

City Square Mall

The City Square Mall gives me the first impression of being new and spacious. Outside the mall, there is a small playground cum garden. I saw a sculpture which is supposed to be a representation of nature; but frankly I do not know what it is even as I try to figure it out by looking at it for a while. I think the park outside the mall looks nice but hopefully the management could plant more trees to provide shade for this garden. As I was standing in the park observing the environment around it, I saw a tall building a distance away – it was the Park Royal Hotel. I think to walk to this hotel would take about 10 minutes from this mall.

There are 5 levels of shops

This mall has five levels of retail stores and 2 basements. There are in fact plenty of shops for you to browse and walk throughout the day. There are also food court and many food outlets here. Metro department store is also here. I enjoy shopping at Metro, because the store offers a good range of merchandise at very reasonable prices. Other anchor tenants include Best Denki and Popular Book store.  But the interesting part of City Square is that there are many other small retail outlets that I have never seen before in other malls. These small outlets sell a very wide range of products as well as services.

Playground and Park at City Square Mall

I noticed that the City Square Mall is not crowded during the weekdays. I was there during lunch hour on Tuesday. The food court was not packed with office workers or shoppers. Perhaps it could be due to the competition from other food outlets in the mall as well as food outlets nearby. After all you can find many small restaurants in Little India. I normally avoid a mall if it is jam packed with people, an example would be Tampines Mall during the weekends. Both are suburban malls, but the City Square Mall beat Tampines Mall for its wide corridors, walkways and spaciousness. However, I do hope that the management could provide comfortable seats around the mall for shoppers to rest their feet without having to patronize a food outlet. Many couples with young kids and elderly folks would love to see more seats provided in the mall. But the problem is that many owners of malls refused to do so.  Why? Perhaps the management of malls feel that when you are tired, you should go to any food outlet and order a drink and then you get to rest. Or simply put, you must pay to rest. I think this is STUPID. Malls should look at their business as providing a comfortable and rewarding experience for their customers.

Food Court at City Square Mall

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