Mustafa Centre in Singapore

If you are in Little India, try to make a trip to the Mustafa Centre which is located at 145 Syed Alwi Road. It is about 10 to 15 minutes walk from the Farrer Park MRT. Many people in Singapore are familiar with the Mustafa name. It has branded itself as a store with cheap prices and a wide range of merchandise. One of the distinct advantage is that you can go there at anytime during the day or night; because it is open 24 hours. My suggestion is not to go there during the weekends because that is when the store is extremely crowded; and it can be quite uncomfortable squeezing yourself with so many people.

Store is situated at Little India

Personally I rarely do my shopping at Mustafa. I will visit this store when I am already in Little India.  Shopping at Mustafa Centre does not guarantee that you will get the cheapest prices for the things you want to buy. In fact, there are many products that you can buy them cheaper elsewhere. The advantage of going to Mustafa Centre is because you can get almost anything under one roof.  So be a smart shopper. Know what you want and the prices of the products that you intend to buy. Thereafter, go to Mustafa Centre and compare the prices of the products that you wish to purchase. If it is just a slight difference in prices, then you can simply buy from them. I see lots of Indian tourists buying electronic products there. I do not know whether it is much cheaper than stores like Courts or Best Denki.

Mustafa Center - at Little India

Mustafa Centre is in the news lately for fire safety violations made by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Now the store has put in place certain safety measures, to comply with the requirements from the Singapore Civil Defence Force, in order to continue to run its business. There is now a quota system for people going into the store in order to manage and control overcrowding; and also to ensure no obstruction to its fire exit doors. Perhaps Mustafa Centre should consider opening up another branch in Little India or in another suburban location in Singapore. Besides this, the store should improve on the quality of staff working there. There are workers who  are not properly trained to handle queries from customers and some are indifferent when you approach them. Perhaps the mentality is this – ” all the products are already there on display, so please do help yourself.”  Another point to make is that many of the merchandise were simply stack up in a rather untidy manner. I wish that the store could look into the proper display of all their merchandise; so that it will definitely enhance the shopping experience for the shoppers.

Mustafa Center sells almost everything you need.

The currency exchange counter at Mustafa Centre offers very competitive exchange rates as compared to other counters that I have seen in other malls. So it is a good place to change your foreign currencies into Singapore Dollars. There is also a small cafeteria outside the store. But I felt that it was too crowded and rather cramped. Anyway, there are many other food outlets around Mustafa Centre, so it is not a problem. Getting a taxi can also be a problem during peak hours and weekends. But this is a problem that many shopping malls are also facing besides Mustafa Centre.

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