People’s Park Complex in Chinatown

There is a shopping mall in Chinatown Singapore which is approximately 40 years old. It was built in the 1970s and it is called the People’s Park Complex. During the period of the 1970s – 80s, the People Park Complex was a hot shopping mall and was overwhelming popular with the shoppers and visitors. The unique feature about this mall is that it is not just a shopping mall, but also has an office building and an apartment block; so it was a mixed development.


Even though the People’s Park Complex is now an old dame, it still managed to attract lots of shoppers and visitors daily. It is not a specialty mall but in contrast it is a place where shoppers can find anything and everything. There are many individual shops that sells items like electronics, leather goods, watches, jeweleries, food, pawn shops, travel agencies, Chinese artifacts and medicines; and even countless number of massage shops on top level. My recommendation is the Overseas Emporium which is on the 2nd level. It is like a department store that sells many traditional Chinese products such as Chinese medicine, artifacts, food, clothes, etc. I will always make a point to visit the Overseas Emporium whenever I am in People’s Park Complex. There are many small food kiosks on the ground level situated right outside the complex. I normally browse through each food stall to try out the food that I have not eaten before.

Located in Chinatown Singapore

Behind the People’s Park Complex is the food center where you can find many food stalls selling different variety of food. The problem here is that you are not given the choice to choose where you like to sit unlike the hawker centers. This pose a problem if you want to sit at one area on the left and order food from another stall in another area. But I guess you just have to bear with it if you want to have your meal there. There is another department store that is worth visiting and it is the OG Department Store. It is located opposite the People’s Park Complex and the food center. If you are not sure, just ask anyone for direction. The OG Department store is well known in Chinatown and it sells a wide variety of merchandise ranging from clothes, toys, toiletries, food to cookware.

Wide variety of merchandise and shops

So the People’s Park Complex is in fact a center of activities for shoppers going to Chinatown. From there, you can move on to other malls or even the Chinatown streets itself. It is all within walking distance. I have took photos of the People’s Park Complex and a video as well. To view the photos, you can follow the link below and go the the photo gallery: –

Visit to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum in Singapore

I took a day off today to visit an unique temple in Chinatown. It is called the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum and for those interested in visiting this temple, the full address is as follows: –  288 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058840. If you are in Chinatown, go to Chinatown Complex and the temple is just opposite the front entrance of Chinatown Complex.  Between the 2 buildings is a wide open space – it is a contrast of an old and worn out building which is the Chinatown Complex and this new and beautiful temple which is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.



At that time, I saw lots of people and students outside this temple. There were buses parked near the temple which ferries the students and tourists here. So the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple must be one of the tourist attraction and educational site in Singapore.  I was there in the Thursday morning at about 11-30 am and I see more students and tourists than devotees that come to this temple to pray. One of the rules of this temple is that you must be in appropriate attire before you can enter this temple. This means no bare back or micro skirt or shorts. Secondly, you are not allow to bring any pets or non vegetarian food into this temple. In my opinion,  these rules are reasonable, because respect must be given when it is due.

Beautiful Rooftop

My first impression of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is that it is artistic, grand and beautiful. There are many Buddhas and artifacts in this temple, so rightfully this temple is also a living Museum for those who want to learn about Buddhism and Chinese arts. The temple has a few levels in which visitors can visit and admire the artworks and artifacts. For those looking for explanation or wanting to learn more, there are signages that are in English that give information about the particular item that you are viewing. I guess if you are someone who has a keen interest in Buddhism, arts and culture, then this is definitely the place to visit.

Beautiful Display of Buddha and Many Artifacts

Among all the attractions in Chinatown, this temple gives me the greatest satisfaction and this is the real deal. Even if you are in Singapore on a tight schedule, don’t missed it if you are here. I have put up photos of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in my website and you can follow the link below:-

By the way, the temple has its own website which is self-explanatory about its function, the layout of the temple, artifacts, etc. However the images that are in their website are small and seems to look rather insignificant. When I was in the temple, I was truly amazed by the beauty of this place. The website link of the temple is as follows:-

The Official Website of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


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