Helix Bridge Singapore – No relief from Sun and Rain

I wanted to go visit the Marina Bay Sands at about noon on Vesak Day and took a train ride to the Promenade MRT station. When I got out of the MRT station, I noticed that I was in fact right beside the Millenia Walk mall. From there, I simply walked towards the traffic light junction and crossed a main road; and thereafter continued walking upwards heading towards the Helix Bridge. The weather was extremely hot at that time; with intense sunlight that makes me sweat profusely. I have this feeling that Singapore seems to be getting hotter as compared a couple of  years ago.

Walking towards Helix Bridge

The Helix bridge was indeed beautiful and my first impression was that a lot of effort and money must have been pumped in into building this bridge. The Helix bridge has been described in the press as a architectural marvel and an engineering feat. Its structure consists of many layers of steel, glass and special lights. If the sole purpose of the Helix bridge is to create a beautiful impression, then it has succeeded. However, I always feel that the purpose of the bridge besides its design is to fulfill its basic function in serving the people using it.  On that day, I saw so many women and some children holding on to their umbrellas when crossing the bridge – why? It was because the Helix bridge has failed in its functionality test of providing shade for pedestrians. And I am very sure that when it rains, I will be soaking wet as well when I am walking on this bridge. In short, there will be no relief at all from the intense sunlight and rain for pedestrians using the Helix bridge.

Helix Bridge Marina Bay

It makes me just wonder how the planners and relevant authorities can approve the building of this bridge which cost millions of dollars, without the mean test of functionality and going to the basics of determining its practical use. A pedestrian bridge no matter how beautiful it is, must served its basic purpose of providing easy access and shade; and protection from heat and rain for its customers ( pedestrians). This reminds me of the numerous upgraded bus stops in Singapore that look good in design but provide little relief when there is a heavy rain.

Helix Bridge - No shelter from Sun and Rain

If you intend to visit the beautiful Helix bridge during the day, do remember to bring along an umbrella or sun shade; and of course don’t forget to bring along a cold bottle of mineral water. Or otherwise visit the Helix bridge during the evening, so it will be much cooler. Anyway, the Helix bridge is just a short bridge as it has not been fully completed yet. To walk to Marina Bay Sands, you still need to continue to walk along the pavements next to a main road. And this will take you approximately 10 minutes without any shade before reaching the Marina Bay Sands Mall. By that time I arrived at Marina Bay Sands, I was soaking wet with sweat on my shirt.

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