KFC’s Black Pepper Chicken

I was at Holiday Plaza in Johor Bahru and spotted the KFC outlet there. So I thought it would be nice if I could try the KFC Black Pepper Chicken which is their new product. I went to the counter and placed an order for a 2 piece chicken meal and the staff told me that if I wanted a cold drink, I have to pay extra. I just wonder why can’t they include the drink as part of the combo meal and add on the additional cost of the drink as well. Anyway, I ordered a carbonated drink – which is a Pepsi. When the food arrived on my tray, I saw a 2 piece chicken, a butter bun, a coleslaw and a whipped potato served on a plate and also a cup of cold Pepsi.

KFC's Black Pepper Chicken

I liked the look of the black pepper chicken. It was crispy brown and covered with a considerable amount of black pepper. When I ate the black pepper chicken, I liked it immediately. I can smell and taste the flavor of black pepper covered on top of the crispy chicken skin. Normally, I do not eat food served with black pepper, as I perceived it as a ‘heaty’ food.  I gave the remaining one piece black pepper chicken to my friend and she also gives the thumbs up to this new recipe. Comparing it to the hot and crispy recipe chicken, I think the black pepper chicken adds more punch to the taste – definitely stronger taste and spicy. If you asked me to choose my favorite – it would be the original KFC chicken. If I were to order the original recipe chicken,  I could easier finish up eating a 3 piece meal myself.

KFC's Hot and Spicy Chicken

I saw that for their morning breakfast menu, they have the nasi lemak and chicken porridge meal served with coffee or tea. I will try them when I am in Johor Bahru again. I hope that the black pepper chicken is not deem to be a replacement for the hot and crispy chicken recipe in the long term. I am sure there are people who still love and swear by the hot and crispy chicken served by KFC.  For myself, I still stick to the KFC famous original recipe chicken.