KFC Chicken Rice Meal at Johor Bahru

I went to the KFC outlet in Sutera Mall and saw the chicken rice meal set. I have yet to try this food at KFC even though my friend told me that it is quite tasty. My first thought about chicken rice is that this food is served best by traditional chicken rice hawker stall and not in fast food outlets. Besides, the chicken that is served in the KFC is basically fried chicken and not the traditional boiled chicken that you get when eating chicken rice. Anyway, I bought this chicken rice meal set just to try it out.

KFC Chicken Rice Meal in Johor Bahru

I have to admit that the chicken rice is actually quite tasty. There is a sweet aroma in the rice and the rice is firm and moist. The chicken rice set consists of rice, 2 pieces of chicken, a meat ball soup, cold cucumbers and a medium size coke. I don’t mind eating a second bowl of rice if I could place a order ( I don’t think you can just order rice) .  For the meat ball soup it is a letdown. The meat ball taste salty and I get the impression that I am eating a low quality meat ball. The 2 pieces of spicy chicken is really good – the KFC chicken in Malaysia taste so much better than their counterpart in Singapore. If you observe, the chicken served in Malaysia is always bigger and juicy than the chicken that is served in KFC Singapore. The 3 peices of cold cucumber taste refreshing – it is fresh and I think it has been kept in the fridge

KFC Chicken Rice Meal at Johor Bahru

On the whole, I did enjoy eating the KFC’s chicken rice meal. The cost of this meal is slightly close to RM10 which is very reasonable. I think the KFC should remove the meat ball soup and replace it with a vegetable soup. The vegetable soup could consists of cabbages, tomatoes, beans and tofu. It is more nutritious and personally, I think more people will enjoy it. I had also ordered the 3 pieces chicken meal set for my friend. If I can still remember the price for the 3 pieces chicken meal set is less than RM12. For those people who enjoy eating KFC’s chicken, the 3 pieces chicken meal set is the ideal meal. The KFC outlet at Sutera Mall was very crowded during lunch hour. So many Malaysians do enjoy eating at KFC – so be prepared to queue and wait patiently for your meal.

KFC 3 Pieces Chicken Meal set - include one cold drink - Coke or 7 UP