The Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru – My Stay & Review

I have decided to stay in the Puteri Pacific Hotel which is located near City Square Mall in Johor Bahru.  I have read some reviews on the internet about this hotel where some people commented that it is a 4 star hotel but with worn out rooms. I booked the Princess Deluxe room which is their version of standard room to see for myself what it is liked to stay there. From City Square Mall, I cross the overhead bridge and walked towards a small lane where it can lead to the hotel. It is all right to use this short cut during the day, but not advisable during the night.


The lobby of the Puteri Pacific hotel was large and spacious. And there is always a hotel staff standing near the entrance opening the door for you, which was nice. I went to the check in counter at about 1 pm to check in even though the official check in time was 3 pm. To my delight I was able to check in and given the key to my room. The lift that brought me to my room was very spacious with a clear glass panel where you can see the swimming pool of the hotel on the way up.  The corridor leading to my room was also spacious and carpeted and I saw cleaners with their trolleys cleaning up some of the rooms.

The Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru

The room that I was given was spacious enough with a queen size bed, a small writing table, two sofa chairs and a rather old cabinet. Inside the cabinet contained a CRT TV.  Apparently the hotel do not see the need to upgrade it to a LCD TV. On the mini bar counter, there were 2 bottles of mineral water and 2 cans of orange drink given free. There was a mini fridge, a small kettle with coffee/teabags and also a small safe.  The queen size bed and pillows were firm and generally, the room was tidy and clean. For the bathroom, it was rather small and there was a small tub which was totally worn out. The shower screen looked old and dirty. The impression of the bathroom was that it really need a complete makeover. But the problem does not end there. When I took a shower, I found out later that the floor was flooded as well. The problem it seems was that the water was unable to flow into the floor trap as it was not properly designed and made to incline water into the floor trap. The shower head and hose was also old and worn out. For the toiletries that was given, it was sufficient and the towels were clean too.

Princess Deluxe Room at Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru

The windows of the bedroom was facing the road, however there was no noise as I was on the 12th floor. The air conditioned was cold and with adjustable control knobs placed at the side table. In my view, the condition of the room was still acceptable to me even though it looked rather worn out but it was clean. However the bathroom with the old shower screen and flooded floor was unacceptable. I did not file a complain about it as it was just for one night to stay and review. If the Puteri Pacific hotel still regard itself as a 4 star hotel, then the management of this hotel should seriously looked into renovations and  refurbishment of the rooms,  especially the bathroom.

Princess Deluxe Room at Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru

The morning breakfast was served at the hotel cafe on the ground floor. The choice of food was quite good and there was even roti prata ( Indian version of fried pancake ) being served. But when I asked whether I could I have prata with onions, the staff told me that it was not available. The nasi lemak ( Malay rice ) was delicious and I think the kambing curry ( mutton curry ) was the best. The mutton meat was easy to chew and there was no stong pungent smell typical of many kambing curry which I have tasted. For coffee lovers, there were 2 self served coffee machines that makes good Espresso and cappuccino coffee which was a good feature in this restaurant.  Even though I do not drink coffee, I took the opportunity to make a cup of  the black coffee and cappuccino for myself just to taste it and it was good. It was nice to make your own cup of coffee and I enjoyed watching the steam, milk and coffee flowing into the cup. So it was great having breakfast in this hotel cafe.

Bathroom at Princess Deluxe Room - Puteri Pacific Hotel

I also took the opportunity to try out the swimming pool. The pool was sufficient in size with uniform height throughout the pool. There were hotel staff there to give out towels. I saw some debris floating on the water of the pool which ought to be removed.  There were sufficient tables and chairs for guests to put their towels and relax beside the pool. Overall the condition of the  swimming pool was good. I did not try out their Gym was I do not have sufficient time to do so. The kids’ pool was very small and I think it is suitable for small toddlers only.

Cafe at Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru

My assessment is that the Puteri Pacific hotel in Johor Bahru is still a nice place to stay and relax. Hopefully the management of this hotel could renovate and refurbish the hotel rooms just liked what Mutiara hotel in Johor Bahru have done. Then I am sure more guests would want to stay in this hotel more frequently, including myself. I will try their Imperial Deluxe room in the future – which is the more expensive room.  Overall I did have a pleasant stay there.

Swimming Pool at the Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru