Visit to Singapore Botanical Gardens

It has been a long time since I visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens; I think it should be more than 10 years ago. So I wanted to revisit this place to see what is new, though I could barely recollect what is old then. If I could remember correctly, there was a hawker center just opposite the Botanical Gardens and that is gone. Now the only thing that is opposite is the Gleneagles Hospital. This is a leading private hospital in Singapore; and the medical fees for consultation and treatment by private specialist doctors over here are quite high. Anyway, the Botanical Gardens is easy accessible whether by bus or taxi.


When I was there in the morning, I saw quite of number of people jogging or doing brisk walking exercises at the garden. It is also a good place to exercise your pet dogs. The garden is so huge that even if there is a large crowd, there will be sufficient space for all. Taking a brisk walk from the entrance of the garden to the Ginger Garden took me less than 20 minutes. I liked the Ginger Garden as there is a small waterfall there – a nice place to rest. But over here, there are lots of tourists visiting this place as the tour buses alight them at the small road near this garden.

Singapore Botanical Gardens - Main Entrance

Another place to just relax is at the Swan Lake which is only about 10 minutes walk from the main entrance. There are plenty of benches around the lake and occasionally you can see some swans. When I was there, I only saw about 3 swans, perhaps the rest of them were elsewhere. There is also a big open field slope near the Swan Lake – good for picnics. Many of the trees and plants in the Botanical Gardens are tagged with identifications. So it is very educational for someone like me;  as I am quite ignorant on the subject of botany.

Singapore Botanical Gardens - Swan Lake

I also took the opportunity to follow the small path leading to the rain forest. There are wooden planks for walking along the trail of rain forest trees and plants. I enjoy it very much, as it was peaceful but then I could near the sounds of insects and birds.  At that time I was the only person walking there until about 15 minutes later, I saw a young couple walking towards me. Why do so many people skipped this place? Personally I think it is very cool there and I saw many big trees, ferns and strange looking plants and flowers.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

There is another great place to visit in the Botanical Gardens itself and that is the Orchids Gardens. Entrance fee to the Orchids Gardens is $5/-  for adult but it was definitely worth it. In fact it was such a great place that I went back the next week to visit it again. I have never seen so many beautiful orchids in my life – it is a truly amazing place. If you are keen in looking at the photos of the Orchids and the Orchids Gardens which I have took, just visit my website and go to the photo gallery section (  I will upload by 1st May 2011 ) at the following link –

After visiting the Botanical Gardens twice within one week, I must say that it is a great place to visit. Do remember to bring your sun shade, towel, drinking water and some food ( if you are hungry).  I brought along a spare T-shirt to change as I was sweating heavily while walking and taking photos.  Do wear a comfortable shoes or sandals, as part of the main activity is walking.

Singapore Botanical Gardens - Roots on the Roof

To view more photos of the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Beautiful Orchids Gardens, visit my website at the following link –