Chicken Rice Balls in Melaka

When I was in Melaka, I took the opportunity to try out the chicken rice balls at a restaurant in Jonker Street. I am not a fan of chicken rice balls because the rice balls are quite hard and it is almost tasteless. Personally, I still prefer the chicken rice that are selling in Singapore because the rice is fragrant, soft and fluffy. The distinct advantage of eating chicken rice balls is that it is not oily at all; unlike the normal chicken rice that is normally oily in nature. Anyway, there are many chicken rice food outlets in Melaka, and I have chosen the so called famous chicken rice shop in Jonker Street. It was chosen not because the food is that great, but because I enjoy the ambience of this restaurant.

Chicken Rice Balls Restaurant in Jonker Street Melaka

I have chosen 2 individual plate of chicken rice balls – a white chicken and a roasted chicken rice ball set meal. Besides that, I have also ordered a bowl of fish ball soup. If you do not liked chicken rice balls, there is also the normal chicken rice that is available. The chicken rice balls that were served were lukewarm in temperature. That is a turn off for me; as I prefer rice that is hot. There were 5 chicken rice balls in each individual plate. Though the rice balls looked small, it is definitely sufficient for most of us. I have seen people ordering additional chicken rice balls and not being able to finish it later. There is really not need to order so much rice balls because it would be better to order other side dishes such as vegetables, wanton or fish ball soup.

Chicken Rice Balls with White Chicken

The chicken that were served were reasonable in quantity and taste. There is nothing great about it and as I had mentioned earlier, I still think the best chicken rice is in Singapore. I really enjoyed the fish ball soup as it was simply delicious. I could taste and smell the fish as I put in it my mouth; and that is what fish balls should be. The red chilli sauce that was given was also very nice – strong and distinctive in taste. The lemon and lime juice that were served came in a small plastic cup with more ice than juice was a complete let down – I should have just ordered coke instead. The price that I paid for a meal for 2 was less than RM25.

Chicken Rice Balls with Roasted Chicken

When I do return to Melaka again on my next visit, I intend to try out other chicken rice balls outlet – hopefully the taste and food variety offered would be different. There are also chicken rice balls food outlets outside Jonker Street. I have seen one of them in a coffee shop which was also quite crowded during lunch time. Perhaps this coffee shop served delicious chicken rice balls and I would try it on my next visit.

Delicious Fish Balls Soup