Elephants Theme for Christmas 2011 in Singapore

This year theme for the Christmas light-up in Singapore is about elephants. I was at Orchard Road on a Saturday evening and it was crowded with people. As I was walking along the pavements, I could see statues of elephants on display outside the malls. The elephants theme was chosen in support for the protection of elephants around the world. I think the elephant statues were really beautiful – every one of them is unique and colorful. These colorful elephants will be on displayed and eventually be auctioned off in a private auction in Janauary 2012, with some of the proceeds going to The Asian Elephant Foundation and Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund.

Personally, I liked the blue elephant as it is very stylish and artistic. The green elephant is also very attractive as it has flowers, animals and green grass painted on its body. If you have the time, take some time to view all these elephants before they are gone. There are lots of people taking photos with these elephants especially on weekends; so you have to be patient to get good shots of these colorful elephants.

I liked this Blue Elephant.
Colorful Painted Elephant
Artistic Elephant Statue
Beautiful Elephant Statue