Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal

When I was traveling to Melaka, I took a coach from Singapore to Melaka. There were in fact two alternatives – First, take a coach from Singapore and disembarked in a hotel in Melaka; or take a coach which will bring me to Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. I had decided on the latter, as I wanted to see the Melaka Bus Terminal and also buy my return ticket back to Singapore. I took the coach that departed from Singapore at about 9 in the morning and then arrived in Melaka at about 12-30 pm – just nice to have lunch at the bus terminal. The journey was smooth but this coach that I took did not have a stopover for toilet break. If you do need to have a toilet break in between the journey, then you have to book coach from companies that provides a stopover.

Booths of Bus Companies at Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal

The Melaka Sentral bus terminal was relatively spacious in size. Once the coach reached the station and parked at the bay, I asked the bus driver for the counter number of the company so that I could booked my return ticket. Once I stepped inside the terminal, there were rows of coach companies offering different routes to many places from this bus terminal. It would be advisable to book your ticket for your departure trip early especially during the peak season such as public and school holidays – as booking tickets are sold out quite fast. In fact, the return ticket was sold out for the afternoon slot and I have to book a ticket from another coach company. It was cheaper to buy a coach ticket in Melaka Sentral as I paid for it in Ringgit rather than in Singapore dollars.

Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal

The first thing that I had noticed was that the Melaka Sentral was in fact a mini shopping mall itself. There were plenty of shops and small kiosks selling a variety of merchandise and food. Thw whole place was bustling with activities and there were hundreds of travelers just liked me walking and browsing through the mall. There is a area where you can take a cab from Melaka Sentral to the main town or alternatively, you could also take the local bus – the local bus terminal is also located inside the Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. But I wanted to visit the Tesco Mall just opposite the bus terminal. So I walked to the overhead bridge and crossed over; the Tesco Mall was about 5 minutes walk away. After visiting the Tesco Mall, I walked about 10 minutes to the Jusco Mall; which was quite close to the Tesco Mall. Personally, I prefer the Jusco Mall, as it was new and spacious. After all the shopping, I took a taxi from Jusco Mall to Melaka town.

Choose a slipper - Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal

The thing that I don’t liked about Melaka is the taxi ( cab ) service. Most of the cabs were worn out or old vehicles; and most annoying part was that the cab drivers do not use the cab meters to calculate the exact fare. Everytime I booked a cab, it is always RM$15 or more. Even for a short traveling distance of 5 minutes, it is always RM15.  I felt that the Melaka local government should stepped in and addressed this problem. Otherwise, everytime you took a cab, you cannot  helped but felt that you have been ripped off. There were many occasions when I choose to walk or alternatively took the local bus. However if there are shopping bags to carry, then I would take a cab.

It is also a Mall - Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal

The Melaka Sentral bus terminal is a convenient transportation hub for traveling to and from Melaka. All the coach companies were located in one convenient place , so it was easy to book a ticket to travel to any destination in Malaysia and Singapore. Just ignore the touts who may try to sell to you their services. If there is an improvement that they could make that could be – to make the local bus service more easily to understand for travelers. Perhaps they could make a large board with the destinations such as tourist spots and hotels and indicate the bus numbers besides it. In that way, the travelers would know which bus to take to reach their destinations in Melaka town.

Tesco Mall is just opposite the Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal