Photos of Melaka Trip 2011 – Part 1

A friend of mine had asked me to put up some photos of my recent Melaka trip with brief comments on my blog. I think this is a good idea and I hope that my friends would enjoy browsing through it.

The first photo would be appropriately be the coach that I took from Singapore to Melaka. There are many coach companies offering this service – from basic to more luxurious coach. Choose what you need. There are coach that takes you directly to you hotel instead of the Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. Personally, I still prefer to drop in at the bus terminal as I can take the opportunity to do some shopping at Tesco and Jusco Mall.

Coach ( Bus ) departing from Singapore to Melaka
Melaka Bus Sentral Terminal - Buy your coach tickets from these booths.
The Melaka Bus Sentral Terminal is also a shopping mall. Lots of food stalls including Macdonald's.
Walk to Tesco Mall using this overhead bridge from Melaka Bus Sentral

The Tesco and Jusco Mall are within walking distance of the Melaka Bus Terminal. You have to cross the overhead bridge from the bus terminal to reach Tesco Mall. Tesco Mall is a rather old mall but it does have many interesting stores inside. The Jusco Mall is about 10 minutes walk away from Tesco, it is a relatively new mall and very spacious. Jusco is the anchor tenant and packed with shoppers during the weekend.

Tesco Mall is a nice place to have a meal as it is not too crowded.
There is a Popular Book Store, Kluang Station Coffee, Marybrown, First Lady Boutique etc in Tesco Mall.
The Jusco Mall in Melaka is a new mall and is more crowded with shoppers. It is very spacious and the washrooms are huge.
Kids get to play in this large playground at the Atrium of Jusco Mall Melaka
Jusco - A nice place to browse and shop at Jusco Mall Melaka
Taxi Stand is on the ground floor near the Supermarket Exit to carpark. Supermarket is on the left, the food court is on the right; and there is an exit door to open space carpark near the washrooms.
Stayed in Marvelux Hotel. New hotel but in a remote location. You need a taxi to get around.
Jonker Walk is the Chinatown in Melaka.
Jonker Street is a must visit place when you are in Melaka. Lots of shops selling all kinds of food and items.
One of the many shops in Jonker Walk.
Temple at Jonker Street. There are a few temples along Jonker Walk.
Dragon Figurine
Buffalo Figurine
Body Builder Figurine

This is the figurine of Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong. You can see the engraved words – Mr Universe, Mr. Asia, Mr Malaysia and Mr. Melaka. A Champion Body builder from a humble background. Understand that he is now a local politician and a community leader in Melaka. So if you intend to build solid muscles, just head down to Datuk Gan Boon Leong’s Gym.

Figurine of Body Builder in Melaka
Boon Leong International Gym Melaka
There are lots of old traditional Chinese houses in Melaka. Really Beautiful and Artistic.

This is the Hokkien Huay Kuan that is located in Jonker Walk Melaka. A really beautiful and artistic place. It is hard to find such  beautiful and traditional architecture place nowadays. Hokkien is a Chinese dialect and Huay Kuan means Association or Clan. So this the Hokkien Clan or Association.

Even the walls of the traditional house is so well decorated. It is located along Jonker Walk.
Hokkien Huay Kuan in Melaka
Hokkien Huay Kuan in Melaka
You can also take a river cruise along this river.


I will put up more photos of Melaka later on when I have the time. For those who enjoy viewing the photos, I would liked to say – Thank you.


Kluang Station Coffee in Melaka

When I reached Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal, it was already 1 pm in the afternoon. I decided to take my lunch but was undecided on what to eat. There were many food outlets in the Melaka Sentral bus terminal; but then I wanted to try some western and local food at the same time. I then decided that my choice of restaurant would be the Kluang Station Coffee. So I walked out of the bus terminal towards the overhead bridge which brought me to Tesco Hypermarket. This Tesco Hypermarket mall is a smaller and older mall as compared to the Jusco Mall which is also nearby. As I entered the Mall, it was not crowded at all. There was a small number of shoppers in the mall; but when I went to Tesco, the hypermarket was packed with customers. I guessed most of the shoppers here would just go to Tesco to buy their groceries and necessity.

Tesco Hypermart Mall in Melaka

The restaurant that I have chosen to have my lunch was Kluang Station Coffee. It is a famous local coffee shop with many chain outlets in Malaysia. It is supposed to serve one of the best local hainanese coffee and tea. It is also famous for its toast bread and kaya spread. My order was toast bun, Hainanese chicken chop, Saito fish ball with bean sprouts and a coke. I didn’t order their famous coffee as I was so thirsty for a cold sizzling drink. The restaurant was spacious with ample empty tables available, despite the lunch time crowd. My food was served in about 15 minutes and I noticed that the chicken chop came in quite a generous portion covered with gravy, green peas, fries and cucumber.

Kluang Station Coffee in Melaka

The toast bun was good though the kaya spread was a liitle too sweet for me. The butter bun was more suitable for me; the only complain was that the bun was too small – more suited for small kids. The Hainanese chicken chop was warm and not sizzling hot. I would prefer the chicken chop to be hot ( freshly deep fried ) and then served with the toppings of gravy and vegetables. The gravy was sweet as it was a tomato sauce based gravy – in fact I felt that the gravy was too sweet. I don’t really enjoy eating the chicken chop because it was served warm and the sweet gravy. The Saito fishball soup was good and there was a generous portion of bean sprouts in the soup. Personally I think the Saito fish ball soup was better than the chicken chop.

Toast Butter Bun - Kluang Station Coffee

I understand from my friend that the Kluang Station coffee also served  delicious Nasi Lemak and Laksa; perhaps I would try them out when I am backed in Melaka again. There are also plenty of food outlets and restaurants in Jusco. Jusco is just about 10 minutes walk from the Tesco Hypermarket. But the problem is that there is no proper pavement for pedestrains to walk. Sometimes I have to walk along the side of the main road and then hop on back to the pavement. I simply don’t understand why the Melaka local government cannot put up a proper pavement to link the 2 malls together – they should consider putting up a covered walkway for pedestrians linking the 2 malls.

Kaya Bun at Kluang Station Coffee


Kluang Station Coffee - Hainanese Chicken Chop


Kluang Station Coffee - Saito Fish Ball Soup with Bean Sprouts.