The Chicken Rice Shop in Johor Bahru

I went to try out a chicken rice food outlet in City Square Johor Bahru. The name of the shop was called The Chicken Rice Shop – which is a chain of hahal chicken rice food outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. This Chicken Rice Shop served chicken in many styles – steamed, braised, BBQ and roasted; and besides chicken, there are many other types of food that are also available in the menu – such as beef stew, vegetables, curry chicken, tofu and even wanton noodles. The shop was rather crowded that day as it was a public holiday but I was still able to get a table within minutes.

Roasted Chicken DrumstickChinese Vegetable Soup

When I looked at the menu, I saw that it was more value for money if I ordered the set meal instead of choosing from the Ala Carte Menu. So I placed an order for a Noodle Meal ( RM14) and a Chicken Rice meal (RM15). Both of these meals came with a free drink, 2pcs Nyonya Pai Tee and a desert; but the Chicken Rice set came with an additional free soup of the day and Ipoh Bean Sprouts. I have made a change from normal chicken portion to a drumstick chicken which cost an additional RM1. In addition I had also ordered a bowl of Saito Fish balls and a bowl of Special Penang Chai Boay ( spicy mixed vegetables).

Saito Fish Balls.
Ipoh Bean Sprouts

The photos that I have taken didn’t turned out to be very clear – I was using an Apple Iphone to shoot it. Anyway, the roasted chicken was quite lean and tasty. The chicken rice was rather average. I did not enjoyed the noodles – the noodles were rather sloggy and the chicken meat was hard to chew.  The bean sprouts was slightly overcooked and taste sweet ( MSG or sugar added ). The Saito fish balls was just average – I definitely have eaten better Saito fish balls in Malaysia. The best food that I liked the most was the bowl of Special Penang Chai Boay ( spicy mixed vegetables). The vegetable soup was spicy,sour and hot – it was rather unique in flavor.  The free soup of the day was a vegetable soup – quite pleasant. The 2 pcs of Nyonya Pai Tee was cold but crispy – nice but not worth ordering extra. And lastly the free desert was simply a simple mixed fruit cocktail which you can also buy from the local supermarket.

Special Penang Chai Boay
Penang Hot and Sour Mixed Vegetables soup

If I do come again to The Chicken Rice Shop, I know what to order – just the Chicken rice set meal and the bowl of Special Penang Chai Boay ( spicy mixed vegetables). Perhaps I would also try out the wanton noodles, Gado Gado and Laksa.

Nyonya Pai Tee
Cocktail Fruit Desert
Curry Chicken Noodles
Sliced Green Chilli
Red Chilli Sauce and Ginger Sauce