Photos of Melaka Trip 2011 – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the photos of Melaka Trip 2011. A friend of mine just came back from Melaka and he told me that the place was crowded especially in Jonker Street. I told him to avoid going there during the school holiday season. The months of November to December are always the time when parents would bring their kids for holidays; and Melaka is one of the easiest and favorite place to visit for the Singaporeans.

I notice that a lot of buildings and houses in Melaka are painted in red. Red must be the auspicious color; and indeed many Chinese consider the color red as lucky. Personally I do not liked the stay in a home painted red. I find that it is too bright and glaring. There is a hotel called Aldy Hotel in Stadhuys which is near the river and historical site and it is painted totally red.  If you looked carefully, even the airconditioned compressors are painted in paprika red – which I think is quite awful. Anyway one man’s food or delight is another man’s poision, so to speak. The Aldy hotel location is really good as you can walked to Jonker Street, visit historical sites and shopping malls nearby. If you don’t mind staying in a simple and comfortable hotel with good location, then this is the place.

Aldy Hotel in Stadhuys Melaka

I liked the decorated doors of some of the historical shops along Jonker Street. It is artistic and is liked having Chinese calligraphy art on the main door.  You can also see a signage written in Chinese on top of the main door. I asked a friend of mine and she told me that the Chinese characters are the surnames or names of the family staying in that home.

Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy Door and Windows in Jonker Street Melaka
Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy Door and Windows in Melaka

The Stadhuys Museum Complex is a historical building that was built in 1641 to 1656 and it is also painted red. Back in the old days, it was formally used by the Governor as his residence. Now it is a museum. The Christ Church was built in 1753 and it is the oldest Prostestant Church in Malaysia. I understand that it took about 12 years to build this church; and it is constructed without joints. And again, it is painted red, naturally. The Church does not allow taking of photos inside their premises. The Christ Church is a beautiful historical church and it is just next to the Stadhuys Museum.

Stadhuys Melaka
Christ Church Melaka

As I continued walking along this historical site, I saw a few antique canons rested on the old brick walls.  There is nothing much too see beside the old canons which is facing the river. Most tourists would simply take photos and move along. These old canons reminds me of the poem from Lord Tennyson – The Charge of the Light Brigade. I used to read his poems in my younger days. Here is an excerpt of it –

“Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volley’d and thunder’d;
Storm’d at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred.”

Historical Walls and Canons in Melaka
Historical Walls and Canons in Melaka

And near to antique canons, there is also a watermill and it is called The Melaka Sultanate Watermill. It was built quite recently in 2007 and it is the largest watermill in Malaysia.The cost of building this mill is RM1.5 million and it stand at 13 meter. The building of this watermill was based on Islamic technology. At the time when I was there, the watermill was not moving at all.

The Melaka Sultanate Watermill

And as I walked along the river, there is a huge old ship which is called the Replica of Flor De Lamar. It is a replica of the Portugese galleon and you need to buy a ticket in order to visit this exhibition.

Replica of Flor De Lamar in Melaka

For shopping, I visited the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and the Mahkota Parade Mall – both of them are near to Holiday Inn Hotel. These 2 malls are very spacious but they don’t have a supermarket as an anchor tenant. I would normally buy beers and snacks and would consumed them in my hotel room in the night while watching TV; and the best place to buy beer and snacks is the supermarket. Anyway, I couldn’t find any shop selling beers in Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and also in Mahkota Parade Mall. There are plenty of fast food outlets over here, so you will never go hungry.

Mahkota Parade Mall in Melaka
Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka
Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka

That is the end of my photos of Melaka trip for the year 2011. I will put up more photos of Melaka when I visit Melaka next year in 2012. Many thanks for taking your time to visit my blog.


Changi City Point Mall

Just visited a new mall in the eastern part of Singapore and it is called the Changi City Point Mall. This brand new mall is located just next to the Singapore Expo MRT.  So those residents staying in the Eastern part of Singapore have a new mall to visit and do their shopping. What I liked about this mall is that it is very spacious and designed friendly for the shoppers. Unlike the Tampines Mall which is very cramped with shops and kiosks making walking so difficult for shoppers, this new mall is really spacious and there are plenty of seats on each floor if you need to rest.

Changi City Point Mall
Changi City Point Mall is very spacious

The Changi City Point Mall has a roof top garden, playground, an outdoor amphitheatre, landscaped garden and two food courts. There are plenty of food outlets and restaurants. I saw  a few factory outlets for branded clothes and shoes. There is a Cold Storage supermarket, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy as well. The only complain that I have is the washroom, which I think is too small. Shoppers may have to queue up to use the washroom if the mall is crowded. The shops in the mall have not been totally leased; so there are pockets of empty stores here and there. I do hope to see more shops selling different merchandise and less food outlets and restaurants; otherwise it would be just another boring mall.

Changi City Point Mall - Lots of food outlets and restaurants in this mall
Changi City Point Mall - Roof top garden

I would definitely visit Changi City Point Mall again; especially when I am in Singapore Expo to visit an exhibition. This mall is definitely a nice place to relax, shop and have a meal.

Changi City Point Mall - Lots of trees and plants around this mall.
Changi City Point Mall