Changi City Point Mall

Just visited a new mall in the eastern part of Singapore and it is called the Changi City Point Mall. This brand new mall is located just next to the Singapore Expo MRT.  So those residents staying in the Eastern part of Singapore have a new mall to visit and do their shopping. What I liked about this mall is that it is very spacious and designed friendly for the shoppers. Unlike the Tampines Mall which is very cramped with shops and kiosks making walking so difficult for shoppers, this new mall is really spacious and there are plenty of seats on each floor if you need to rest.

Changi City Point Mall
Changi City Point Mall is very spacious

The Changi City Point Mall has a roof top garden, playground, an outdoor amphitheatre, landscaped garden and two food courts. There are plenty of food outlets and restaurants. I saw  a few factory outlets for branded clothes and shoes. There is a Cold Storage supermarket, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy as well. The only complain that I have is the washroom, which I think is too small. Shoppers may have to queue up to use the washroom if the mall is crowded. The shops in the mall have not been totally leased; so there are pockets of empty stores here and there. I do hope to see more shops selling different merchandise and less food outlets and restaurants; otherwise it would be just another boring mall.

Changi City Point Mall - Lots of food outlets and restaurants in this mall
Changi City Point Mall - Roof top garden

I would definitely visit Changi City Point Mall again; especially when I am in Singapore Expo to visit an exhibition. This mall is definitely a nice place to relax, shop and have a meal.

Changi City Point Mall - Lots of trees and plants around this mall.
Changi City Point Mall