Marina Barrage Revisited in 2012

I visited the Marina Barrage again because my friend had wanted to see this place and he is not sure on how to get there. So this would be my third visit to the Marina Barrage since last year. My friend and I took a MRT train to Marina Bay and then a bus to Marina Barrage. The free shuttle bus service did not arrived at the schedule time and so we took Bus No. 400. I have also written 2 blogs last year about this place; and if you are keen to read about it, here is the link:-

Visit to Marina Barrage

 Open Flood Gate at Marina Barrage

When I was there, the place was very quiet, there were only a handful of visitors – why aren’t the tourists visiting this place? Personally, I felt that this place is worth visiting and is an ideal place for picnic and newly wed couples wanting to take their wedding photos. Anyway, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at the Marina Barrage. There are all together six galleries and is free admission too. Another advantage is that if you feel hot after taking photos or looking at the reservoir, this is a nice place to cool off as the air conditioned is very cool. It took me about one hour to complete browsing through the six galleries and the exhibit does give you a good history of Singapore and a understanding of water technology and environment challenges.

My friend told me that the Marina Barrage is a nice place to relax your mind and body. He said that next time if he feel stressed out from work or feeling down, this is a good place to contemplate and recharged. Well, I think the water element in this place does make a person more relax; and the wide open space is very good for picnic or flying kites. Do remember to bring along a bottle of mineral water or your some snacks; as there is no food kiosk over here.

Gallery at Marina Barrage
Artistic Display at Marina Barrage Gallery


Beautiful Gallery At Marina Barrage
Model of the Marina Barrage on Display






Photos of Dragons

Since 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, I have took some photos of dragon ornaments and sculptures. Just thought I share it here in this blog. The Chinese believe that the Dragon is a symbol of Power, Energy and Superiority – so the Dragon is a revered symbol. Hopefully most of us will take this auspicious year to build our wealth, have a healthy body and invest our money and time in meaningful activities.

The photos that I have shown here are taken in Singapore during the Chinese New Year period. If you are visiting Singapore during the Chinese New Year holidays, take note that many shops and even malls are closed during this festive holidays. So if you are here mainly for shopping, it would be wiser to choose another date. This is because the Chinese forms that majority  of the population here.

Anyway, in this Year of the Dragon, I wish everyone Good Health, Success, Happiness and Peace.


Twin Dragons


Dragons in Motion




Dragon Display outside a Shopping Mall


Dragon Display at Marina Bay Singapore


Dragon Display during Chinese New Year at Marina Bay