I visited the Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam temple ( ARD ) in Johor Bahru last week . This temple was founded in 1911 and so it has a 100 years old history. The location of ARD temple is along Jalan Ah Fook and the minor road leading to the new Galleria @ Kotoraya Mall. The ARD is just beside the Galleria @Kotoraya Mall and it is surrounded by rows of Indian shops selling food, clothes, daily necessities and even beauty salon. If you intend to visit this temple, do it in the evening from 5 pm onwards; as it is closed when I was there previously in the afternoon.

Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam temple

The Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam temple ( ARD ) sits a relatively small plot of land and the road besides the temple was filled with people and cars. So if you are driving, it would be easier to park near to the new Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall or the Puteri Pacific hotel which is just behind the mall. Before climbing up the flight of stairs to the main entrance door, it is mandatory to remove your shoes – there are shoe racks available at the side of the wall. I saw some devotees washing their feet as well. The main entrance door have many little bells attached to it and devotees would ring the bell before proceeding to the main temple.

I saw many devotees praying and making offerings, and there were many beautiful sculptures and figurines of Hindu deities. It was simply a wonderful experience of being able to see so much beauty and colors in this Hindu temple. I saw some tourists and a few Chinese people praying inside the main temple hall as well. When you are in Johor Bahru, this ARD temple is definitely worth taking time to visit. When I was there,  I felt that I was actually visiting a historical museum. I have added a couple of photos here in this blog for your enjoyment.

Ring the bell on the door before entering the main entrance to the temple – Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam temple
Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam temple ( ARD ).
Many beautiful figurines at this ARD Temple
I saw devotees touching the head of the cow. I also follow the same act.
One of the Hindu God.
Really Beautiful.
I think these are meant to be offerings to the Gods.
You can see many beautiful figurines of Hindu Gods in this temple
This is one of the artistic figurines on the temple wall. There are many of them.
This is on the roof of the temple.
Another artistic figurines on the temple wall.
A worthy place to visit.
Visit this ARD temple in the evening.


I visited the Galleria @ Kotaraya mall in Johor Bahru on yesterday ( Saturday afternoon ). The mall exterior has a distinctive color of red and white; and I liked the spacious pavement and colorful flags attached to the brand new lamp posts. Renovation was still on going and the only retail business activity was on the atrium and the open space on the 1st floor. On the atrium, there were many individual kiosks selling mainly Malay clothes and accessories. On the 1st floor, there were karts selling traditional Malay cookies, candies and food mainly for the coming Hari Raya festival.

Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall in Johor Bahru

The food court in the Galleria @Kotaraya mall was closed – perhaps it was due to the start of the fasting period. The food court looked spacious and well layout; and I wondered whether the original food stalls which I had patronized before the renovation would still be around. I am looking forward to try out the food here when the food court is up and running. Anyway I am glad the Pizza Hut would still be back in this mall as I saw their signage on a store outlet on the first floor – previously they were on the ground floor. For many years, I had been eating at Pizza Hut in the old Kotaraya Mall as this place has a relax and cosy atmosphere.

Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall in Johor Bahru

Overall, the new Galleria @ Kotaraya mall looked more impressive and spacious. As most of the shops are still empty and undergoing renovation; I do not have a idea what concept or merchandise mixed would be for this mall. Are they going to be the same as before – selling Malay traditional clothes and food or a totally new concept similar to their neighbor City Square Mall; which by the way is also undergoing major revamp. Incidentally, the Puteri Pacific Hotel which is just behind the mall is also undergoing a major renovation. Many areas in the hotel have been blocked and boxed up. I wondered why are so many malls an hotels in Johor Bahru city undergoing major renovation? – Perhaps business is booming as more tourists are coming in.

The Galleria @ Kotaraya is still undergoing renovation. Non of the shops are opened yet.

Anyway, I will visit the Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall again hopefully in October in this year and update on the progress of this new mall. For those who are keen in buying Malay traditional clothing and food, this mall is the place to be.

This is at the ground floor atrium of the Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall. The kiosks are selling mainly Malay clothes and fashion accessories.
The revamp Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall looked more spacious and bright.
The food court was totally empty.
Lots of tables and seats at the food court.
One of the Stalls at the Food Court.
Colorful Kiosks at the Atrium
Galleria @ Kotaraya Mall in Johor Bahru
So many kiosks selling Malay cookies and food mainly for the coming Hari Raya Festival
There are plenty of wide open space within the mall and lots of benches for shoppers to seat and rest.