One of my favorite meal for dinner during a cold and raining night would be Mee Suah with herbs and Chinese Rice Wine. You can get this item from Tang Shi Fu restaurant in Malaysia. Tang Shi Fu has many restuarant outlets in Johor Bahru, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur; and it is relatively easy to find as most of their outlets are located in malls. The restaurant that I went recently was located at Hatten Square in Melaka – just next to the main entrance of Hatten Hotel which I was staying. Mee Suah is simply Chinese wheat noodles which is very smooth in texture and is normally served with soup.

This outlet is just next to Hatten Hotel Melaka.

Incidentally it was raining very heavily that night, so I decided to walk out of the Hatten Hotel main lobby and the Tang Shi Fu restaurant was just next door – very convenient. I ordered the usual Mee Suah with herbs and Chinese rice wine and a Gingko with white fungus desert. For the desert you can either have it hot or cold – I ordered the hot version. The Mee Suah set meal consists of a side dish of black beans and small portion of boiled pork meat. The cost of the Mee Suah set meal was RM13.90 and the desert cost RM5.90 excluding service charge and tax.

Mee Suah with herbs and Chinese Rice Wine.

The Mee Suah was very smooth and well cooked. I liked the soup because a generous amount of Chinese rice wine was added in it. I could actually smell and taste the overwhelming strong Chinese rice wine in the soup. So if you are not someone who loved the taste of Chinese rice wine, then this meal is not for you. The portion of meat was sufficient and black fungus was also added in the soup. The only complaint was that the Mee Suah meal was served warm and not hot. My friend mentioned to me that my face was red after drinking the Chinese rice wine soup; and I felt very warm too.

Gingko with white fungus desert.

As for the Gingko with white fungus desert, it was served in a small white porcelain cup. I find that the portion given was small but it was delicious. There were sufficient portion of Gingko nuts, white fungus and red dates in it. The desert was a little too sweet; but that is quite common in many of the Chinese deserts. Overall, I enjoyed my dinner at Tang Shi Fu. This is to place to go if you are looking for home cooked nutritious Chinese food and herbal soups.

Side dish of black beans and meat.
Mee Suah with herbs and Chinese Rice Wine.