Went with my friend to Albert Centre Market and Food Centre at 270 Queen Street. She wanted to buy some dried prawns, Japanese small white fish and mushrooms. There are many shops selling dried food stuff and the stores are located above the hawker centre. I do come here occasionally to Albert Centre Market and Food Centre mainly for lunch; as there are quite a number of famous hawker food at this place.

One of the many shops selling dried food at Albert Centre Market and Food Centre.

To reach the shops that are selling these dried food produce, just take the lift on the ground floor or walk up the stairs. Once you are there, you can see numerous shops selling dried food and daily necessities. So the question is – Which shop shall I choose, since there are so many shops selling the same stuff? I told my friend to walk and browse through all the shops before deciding – look at the products and the prices. Most shops have put up price labels sticking out from the products and many stall owners are quite friendly and responsive when I asked questions about the food items.

You can get all types of dried food here.

I asked a lady shop owner about the price of Japanese small white fish that were displayed at her shop – How come the prices of this Japanese white fish differs? She told me that the prices of small white fish differs because of country of origin and size. The small white fish that originated from Japan would be more expensive that those originated from China. Also, the smaller the white fish, the more expensive the item. But why is smaller white fish more expensive than bigger one I asked again. She answered my question with a question – big Ikan Bilis or anchovies are selling for $14/kg ( she pointed her finger at it ) and small white fish from Japan is selling for $28/kg. She mentioned that small white fish are cleaner, tastier and easier to eat ( no bones).

So many variety of dried prawnssold at Albert Centre Market and Food Centre.

Albert Centre Market and Food Centre is an ideal place for buying all kinds of dried food. You can literally get all kinds of food stuff here – dried prawns, sea cucumbers, dried fish, dried mushrooms, bird nests, beans, dried fruits and nuts, spices, fish crackers, etc. The prices of dried food here are cheaper than similar items sold in major supermarkets.  There are more variety too; for example I saw so many different types of dried prawns. The auntie told me that for dried prawns, the bigger the prawns, the more expensive it would be – the reverse pricing policy of small white fish.

Japanese Dried Small Fish.

After buying all the dried food stuff, my friend and I proceeded to the hawker centre to take our breakfast. Breakfast here was good and cheap but the environment was rather warm. Anyway, it was just a quick breakfast before we proceed to our next destination.

Lup Cheong or Chinese sausage
Ikan Bilis
Dried Oysters. One of my favorite food.
Different types of dried mushrooms.
So many sea cucumbers. The yellow item is fish maw.
So much sea cucumber – take your pick. The price of sea cucumber goes up every year – price of this item shoot up especially during Chinese New Year.


It is more difficult to find a A & W restaurant in Malaysia than other fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and KFC. Luckily I was able to  find an A & W outlet while I was walking along Dataran Pahlawan mall in Melaka. The thing that I loved the most is the root beer – whether it is just plain root beer or with ice cream toppings, this beverage is always refreshing and delicious. Personally, I would rather drink a A & W root beer than a coke, ice lemon tea or other cold drinks available in any fast food chain.

Burger at A & W. Nice packaging.

I ordered a set meal consisting of  a fish burger, fries and a root beer. The fish burger was unique as it has salad toppings, cheese and a large slice of sea weed inside. I liked it and it is better than the fish burger at McDonald’s. If I could recalled correctly, the meal set cost about RM12 ( up size on root beer).  I have to wait for about 10 minutes after ordering as it is prepared fresh but it was worth the waiting time. The bun was moist and all the ingredients in the burger was very fresh. The meal was intended for an afternoon tea break and I really enjoyed it.

Fish burger with a slice of sea weed and salad toppings.

It seems that the A & W restaurant in Malaysia is not doing so well as compared to similar outlets in Indonesia. Over in Indonesia, most of the A & W outlets are big in terms of space; and I could see many customers patronizing the restaurants especially during lunch and  dinner time. One of the popular food item over there is the fried chicken with white rice – rice is a staple food in Indonesia. I also liked the chocolate ice-cream and fries.

Delicious burger made upon ordering.

I think the pricing of food items in A & W are slightly more expensive than other fast food chains such as McDonald’s. It would be good if A & W could promote their meals more aggressively and provide better value meals to consumers.

Long queue at the counter.
The famous A & W Bear.