I saw the newly opened Tutti Frutti store at City Square in Johor Bahru and decided to try out their frozen yogurt. The store is located at Level 2 of the shopping mall near to the Bata shop. Although I am not a fan of frozen yogurt, I do enjoy eating it occasionally during break time in the afternoon or late night.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt store at City Square Mall in Johor Bahru

There was very few customers at the store when I was there. As it was the first time that I am eating Tutti Frutti yogurt, I followed the simple instructions that are on the wall. First I choose the size of the cup and there were a few sizes available; from small size to the extra large cup. I picked up the medium size cup and proceed to the next station which was choosing your yogurt flavors. There were different types of flavors available – original, chocolate, apple, almond, guava, etc. I decided to try out 4 flavors. Next station – where I decide on the type of toppings I would liked to have on top of my yogurt. I had chosen mainly fruits as toppings. The last station was where I placed the cup of yogurt on the weighing scale and the cashier would then tell me how much I need to pay.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

The 4 flavors of yogurt with toppings cost RM20. I felt that it was expensive for a medium size cup of yogurt and it was only 3/4 full. The yogurt was rather mild in taste as I could not savoir the full flavors that I had chosen. The yogurt was also rather soft and do not have the robust taste that I would liked to enjoy. The fruits toppings were just ordinary and the size of the fruits was rather small.

This cup of yogurt cost RM20. Expensive and it is good for one person.

My view was that the Tutti Frutti yogurt is nice but too expensive.  Given a choice,  I would preferred eating frozen yogurt from Red Mango store. Both are expensive but in terms of quality and taste I think Red Mango is top. And I don’t understand why do yogurt companies sell yogurts at such high prices. I could easily have a good meal for 2 persons for the price range of RM20 -RM25. An example – I go to the Chicken Rice Shop ( also located in City Square Mall ) quite often. For the price of about RM25 ( included tax and service charge) I could have a nice meal for 2 persons with the following dish – 1/4 of roasted chicken. 2 bowls of chicken rice, a plate of  Ipoh bean sprouts, a bowl of fish balls, 2 soups and 2 drinks. Perhaps that explains why yogurt store is mostly empty and The Chicken Rice Shop is always crowded with customers – it is about value for money.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt store in City Square Mall Johor Bahru.
The cashier counter where you weigh the cup of yogurt and pay up.