I went to the Chinatown Point mall on last Saturday and was pleasantly surprised at the changes/upgrading done in the mall. The mall looked bright and new. There were many new F&B outlets – more choices for lunch and dinner. Though the mall is not fully opened ( lots of empty shops), it was still quite crowded on that Saturday afternoon. There are many tour operators setting up their business in this mall; and I wonder what happened to the previous outlets that were selling antiques, arts and old coins, book stores, Chinese medicine, etc. I do hope that they will come back again to this mall.


The Chinatown Point mall has a new public library located at the highest floor and it is a beautiful library with lots of comfortable seats to read and relax. The public library has a Chinese architectural design and notably lots of  Chinese books and magazines. I saw a considerable number of mature adults and retirees than young adults over here. Personally, I find this library a nice place to relax after walking around Chinatown.

Chinatown Point

Fairprice supermarket will also be opening in Chinatown Point. Hopefully they will set up a specialty section selling traditional Chinese food and snacks. I think it would take another few more months before Chinatown Point is fully operational; as there are still many vacant shops. I will visit this place again perhaps in July/August to see what new stores are opening in this mall.

There is a public library in this Chinatown Point Mall
Beautiful rooftop of Chinatown Point Mall Singapore
Chinatown Point Mall Singapore