I stumped upon a small restaurant selling traditional Sarawak Noodles and Pan Mee ( flat flour noodle) at Bukit Indah in Johor Bahru. The name of the restaurant is Face to Face Noodle House. The store is located just opposite the bus stop of AEON shopping mall. If you are going there during lunch time, be prepared to stand and queue because it is a small outlet with limited seating capacity.

Face to Face Noodle House

Pan Mee is usually served with soup but as there was a dried version, I decided to order it.  I also ordered traditional Sarawak noodles, Penang Char Kway Teow, Wanton soup, Luo Han Guo Longan with Sea coconut and Honey lemon drink. I observed that after placing the order, it took more than 20 minutes for the food to be served. My friend told me that she loved the dried version of Pan Mee. I took a sample of it and it was nice but not great. The texture of the noodle was firm, the dried anchovies was really good and the egg was well done ( placed beautifully on top of the noodles).

Face to Face Noodle House at Bukit Indah

The traditional Sarawak noodles was better, the char siew ( barbecued pork slices ) was lean and well marinated. In fact I prefer the traditional Sarawak noodles than the Pan Mee. The Penang Char Kway Teow was nice but it was just ordinary. To be fair, the ingredients that goes into frying this Char Kway Teow was fresh. Normally, I do not eat cockles, but I finished it all because it was clean and properly cooked. The prawns were firm and fresh too. The wanton soup was a disappointment – the wanton has a slightly sourish taste and the soup does not suit my taste. I would try out the fried wanton next time.

Pan Mee dried version

Now the desert and drink. The Luo Han Guo Longan with sea coconut was really good and value for money ( RM 3.90). There was a sufficient portion of sea coconut and large longan in the desert. On my next visit, I would order 2 bowls of this desert for myself. The honey and lemon drink was just ordinary -no big deal. There was lots of crushed ice added to this drink – the cost ( RM3.00 ).

Penang Char Kway Teow

The cost of Pan Mee – RM6.30, the traditional Sarawak noodles – RM6.30, the Penang Char Kway Teow – RM6.90 and the Wanton Soup – RM4.80. The total for this meal was RM31.20. There was no service charge or government tax being added.  I would say the cost of this meal was value for money and I am definitely go back to Face to Face Noodle House again when I am in Bukit Indah.

Traditional Sarawak Noodles
Wanton Soup
Luo Han Guo with Longan and Sea coconut.
Honey Lemon Drink
Face to Face Noodle House is famous for its Pan Mee.
Traditional Sarawak Noodles.