Recently took a stroll on the Skyway at Gardens by the Bay. It is a bridge that connects the Supertrees at the Supertree Grove. The entrance fee is $5/person.  Standing on the bridge, it was very breezy and I could enjoy a panoramic of the Gardens by the Bay.

The Skyway bridge looks similar to a suspension bridge made of steel and supported by steel cables. The width of the bridge is quite narrow. However it is still comfortable for 2 persons to walk side by side on the bridge. The distance between the starting and ending point of the bridge is short. It took me less than 5 minutes to finish walking. However the main purpose is to stand on the bridge and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden. If you intend to take a stroll on this Skyway bridge, take note of the maintenance date when the bridge will be closed.

Here are some photos –

It cost $5 to visit the Skyway.
The bridge is constructed using steel and steel cables.
The do’s and don’ts at the bridge.
The bridge connects 2 supertrees structures.
There are many different plants growing at the Supertrees.
See through steel flooring on the Skyway bridge.
Good view of the entire Gardens by the Bay when you stand on the bridge.