I attended the Thaipusam festival held on 17th January 2014 in the morning. It is a festival that is celebrated among the Hindus community here. It is an interesting, colorful and sometimes noisy event; whereby I saw many devotees carrying kavadi or in simpler form – just a pot of milk over their head.

Thaipusam is a public holiday in many states in Malaysia and hopefully Singapore will make it a public holiday as well; so that more people can join in and enjoy this colorful festival Here are some photos –

Tour bus stopping at the road to allow tourists to take some photos.
Some Chinese are also participating in this event.
So many ornaments attached on the back.
Devotee carrying Kevadi
Another devotee carrying kevadi
Thaipusam is a 2 day celebration.
Devotee carrying pots of milk

Devotee carrying pots of milk.
Devotee carrying colorful kevadi.


Putting up some photos of the Chinese New Year 2014 decor and stalls in Chinatown and around Waterloo Street. Lots of New Year cookies, bright flowers and decorative items are being sold at these 2 places.  2014 is the Year of the Horse and hopefully it will be a good year for the economy in Singapore.

It gets crowded at Chinatown during the evenings and weekends. So do watch out for your wallets, handbags and personal belongings when you are being squeezed among people along the narrow streets. My personal preference is to visit these places during the late afternoon when it is less crowded.

At Chinatown Singapore
Horse Symbols are everywhere
At Chinatown Singapore
Gold coins – Symbol of Wealth
Chinatown Singapore
Traditional shop houses at Chinatown Singapore
Decorative Pineapple for Good Luck
Yellow or Gold Pineapple for Wealth
Many decorative items to choose.
At Chinatown Singapore
Cute Horse Plush toys
Lucky Cats
At Waterloo Street Singapore
At Waterloo Street, Singapore
God of Prosperity
At Waterloo Street
Lots of Beautiful Flowers
Stall selling decorative flowers at Waterloo Street.
At Waterloo Street
At Waterloo Street
At Bugis Plus Mall