Finally, the 1600 Pandas Malaysia Tour had arrived at City Square, Johor Bahru. It was a short exhibition for 3 days only; and some of my friends are not able to visit it due to work / personal commitment.

Lots of pandas

So I have took time off to visit this 1600 Pandas exhibition and share photos of the pandas with friends and those who are keen. The numerous pandas were placed on the floor which make it difficult to view. It would be more ideal if they were placed on an elevated platform.

1600 Pandas Exhibition held at City Square Johor Bahru.v

The intent of this exhibition is to spread the awareness of environment conservation. These cute pandas can be adopted (bring home) at a price. Anyway, I am happy that I visited this exhibition – it is a worthwhile visit.

1600 Pandas Exhibition at City Square Johor Bahru.
The big fat panda is cute.
Difficult to view the baby pandas.
1600 Pandas Exhibition at City Square Johor Bahru.