There is a very interesting exhibit of balloon sculptures that transformed the atrium of Marina Square mall into a Land of Dinosaurs. I think this is the largest balloon sculptures exhibit I have ever seen in Singapore.

Baby Dinosaur – cute.

The balloon dinosaurs includes the mighty T-Rex, Stegosaurus, cute baby dinosaurs, Triceratops, etc. I am also impressed with the wild landscape made entirely with balloons. The balloon flowers were bright and very creative.

Balloon Dinosaurs exhibit at Marina Square Mall.

Really enjoyed viewing this Dinosaur Balloons exhibit, hopefully the Marina Square mall will do it again next year. Here are some of the photos; hope you liked them.

Mighty T Rex
One of the best balloon sculptures exhibit at Marina Square Mall.
According to the press, more than 85,000 balloons are used for this exhibit – Impressive!
Really Cute Dino
Lots of bright color balloons
This is an interesting creature.
Dino Greetings…
Blue Dinosaur or is it dragon?
The giant dinosaur mouth exhibit is one of hot favorite for photo shoot.
I think the Marina Square mall should extend this exhibit for 2 weekends.
Baby Dino climbing up..
Balloon Dinosaurs at Marina Square Mall.
Cheerful Balloon Flower
This Balloon landscape is beautiful.
Balloon dinosaurs at the exhibit
Red Dino is here…
Close Up of Red Dinosaur

Bright balloon flower to cheer up your day.
Balloon Dinosaurs at Marina Square Mall.
Lots of kids and parents at this exhibit.
The exhibit area was spacious.
Very creative balloon landscape.
A jungle of balloons.
Hot favorite for photo shoot.
Side view of giant T REX

Balloon Garden
Green Balloon Flower
This flower is nice.
The feet of the Giant T REX
Looking good T Rex…
Balloon Dinosaurs at Marina Square Mall.
Balloon Dinosaurs at Marina Square Mall.
Back View of Balloon T REX
Balloon Dinosaurs at Marina Square Mall.