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I went to the NTUC Income Kite Festival on Sunday 24th August 2014. The location of this event was at The Promontory & Waterfront Promenade. From Bayfront MRT, it was about 10 minutes walk; also reachable by Raffles MRT – less than 15 minutes walk. The event attracted many kids, young adults and tourists. The highlight of the events includes various performance on stage, kite flying and workshop, circus act, magic show, dancing, Living Statutes, etc.

Beautiful Giant Kite

It was a fun 4 hours event which I enjoyed; even though there was a slight drizzle of rain during that day. I took some photos of colorful giant kites on display which were beautiful. The living statues was a hit with the crowds; their act of mimicry were so entertaining.

Colorful Large Kite

I am looking forward to the next Kite Festival in 2015. Here are some photos of the NTUC Income Kite Festival 2014 : –

Will be nice to see this colorful kite in the sky.
Giant Kite
This kite is long and colorful
Many kites were up in the sky during that day.
Living Statues
Even zombies need a warm HUG.
A tree hugger.
The Classic English Gentleman
White Gentleman
Taking a trip to Singapore
This is my favorite
Many performances at the NTUC Income Kite Festival 2014
The Stage


Recently I was in Changi Airport Terminal 1 to take a flight from Singapore to Medan Indonesia. The terminal had a makeover and it is as busy as the other 2 terminals at Changi. The main attraction after the renovation at Terminal 1 was the kinetic rain feature – a kind of art sculpture consisting of 1216 raindrops made of aluminum and highly polished copper. You can view the video of this kinetic rain at the Changi Airport website. For this post, I will feature some photos in the departure hall of the newly makeover terminal 1.

Lots of flowers and mini gardens in the departure hall.

There are many beautiful flowers and plants in the new Changi Airport terminal 1, this makes the departure hall a more relaxing environment for the passengers. In fact, I would prefer to spend my spare time in the departure hall admiring the flowers than going shopping. There are plenty of shops at the terminal 1 departure hall as well as food outlets as well.For those who are tired and need a place to rest, there are plenty of comfortable seats spread around the departure hall.

Very beautiful flowers.

Changi Airport Terminal 1 Depature Hall
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Depature Hall
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Depature Hall
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Depature Hall
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Depature Hall
M & M chocolate. One of my favorite snack.