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Indian Food near KL Sentral

I was in KL Sentral and was looking for a Indian food restaurant to relax and have a meal. So I walked around Brickfields and saw a Indian restaurant that was quite crowded during the afternoon.

ABC One Bistro Menu
ABC One Bistro

The name of the restaurant was ABC One Bistro which was rather unique for an Indian restaurant. Anyway I placed my order – Roti Canai ( also known as Roti prata ) with egg, Roti Canai with onions, Mee Goreng with mutton add on and Masala tea.

Masala Tea
Roti Canai or Roti Prata

If you are not too sure about what to order, there is a menu for you to browse.  And the staff there are helpful in explaining the food items if you have doubts. Overall, the ABC One Bistro restaurant was very spacious and comfortable.

Roti Prata / Roti Canai

My food review was – the Roti Canai ( Roti Prata ) was very well done and delicious.  It was served hot and crispy and the curry gravy was wonderful.  The Mee Goreng was good but was too spicy for me. There were many chunks of mutton in the Mee Goreng which I enjoyed eating.  The Masala tea was milky and at the same time I could taste and smell herbs in it.

Mee Goreng at ABC One Bistro in KL

The price of food items at this ABC One Bistro were very reasonable. I couldn’t remember how much I paid for the meal; but it was certainly very affordable. I will go to this restaurant again when I am back in KL Sentral – as there are many Indian food items  in the menu which I want to try it out.

Indian Food near KL Sentral